A Hairy Situation

The problem with trying to identify hairy caterpillars is that you kind of get the heebie-jeebies after a while, staring at all those images of large, thick, furry crawlers in every imaginable pose, looking as though they’re ready to creep up your arm any moment. Nonetheless, my valiant efforts- bravely over lunch, in fact- don’t seem to have yielded anything much. I think this little dude could be a tussock moth caterpillar, though I can’t seem to confirm this. The only other photo I found online of the exact same caterpillar was in a blogpost displaying as much interest as I did, and as little of a clue as to its identity as I do. Makes sense, since the author found the caterpillar in Singapore too. On the bright side, turns out this is a pretty awesome blog, and still being updated to boot: http://www.curiousgardener.com/2010/06/22/the-hairy-caterpillar/

Anyhow, this hairy fella moves with lovely undulating motions, made all the more pleasing to the eye by virtue of it looking so fluffy. Took a while for me to get it on camera since it was moving so fast and refused to stop till it met a puddle. It was also obviously lost and hungry, considering how it was making its way towards the restaurant. Now I just need to remember not to look at the ground where I saw it this morning- in case it’s been rendered 2-dimensional under a clueless foot.

tussock moth caterpillar

Living on the edge


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