Plants and such, aimed at an audience equally enthralled by the greens, whites, pinks, purples and blues arrayed on the ground- or high above it. A place where the unspoken magic of lively forests, fields of wildflowers, balcony gardens, and their inhabitants meets the rigour of just a little science, which sometimes isn’t too bad at all. Oh, and basically a display cabinet for the bud(ding) photographer, who figured that there might be a place where the thousands of plant and flower photographs could actually belong.

Each of these posts has a personal touch, a little bit of a story. I’m not trying to make this dry and overly informative- you’ve got Wikipedia for that. These are just quick and quirky summaries of the most important or interesting bits, and some growing tips for the gardeners amongst you.

Please link or cite this website if you ever use any of my text or photographs. Comments and questions are most welcome!