Crabapples III (Malus sp.)

Ladies and gentlemen, since I’m on a crabapple spree, more! That’s all, I promise (for now).

crabapple collage 3

This one stood beside the carpark, and had lovely powdery pink flowers. I was more enraptured by the colour of their buds, actually, particularly when the caught the sun

crabapple collage 4

There was a row of crabapples outside this particular department, which were quite small but had some lovely white blossoms that developed into red and yellow fruits. In the autumn the leaves had a tendency to turn yellow laterally, which I thought was pretty cool

crabapple collage 5

This was particularly hard for me to photograph because it was tall, and i always had to use the zoom for close-ups. Usually done whilst waiting for my lunch to be ready

crabapple collage 6

And this is just a collection of other crabapples I’d seen all around the city, as well as in Washington D.C. and New Jersey. I have to say that those in Washington D.C. (3rd to 5th from the end) were very pretty indeed




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