Dendrobium Update

Look look look! I wasn’t sure how the Dendrobium would do, but considering how it put out a new flower spike and now a new lead, I guess it’s doing alright. I’ve realised that the flowers are actually darker when they bloom, and fade in colour over time. The green bits of the plant, however, start off a really nice fresh green and darken over time.

dendrobium spike

New flower spike

dendrobium spray

Bloomin’ new flower spike. It’d been blooming for a while already, so the colours have faded- the pinks and purples are lighter in shade than when the flowers had just bloomed

When orchids such as Dendrobiums are stressed, they produce keikis- Hawaiian for baby- that sprout at the nodes along the canes. These are a clone of the mother plant, and are supposedly a last-ditch attempt at survival. I’d initially wondered if my orchid was doing that, but considering the positioning of the new shoot, I doubt it. This new lead looks a little like a bamboo shoot, though I don’t suppose it would taste as nice (don’t worry I’m not going to eat it).


New lead!

Note to self: get some fertilizers for it soon! And, uh, resist the temptation to get another pot of orchids. Or maybe


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