Blossom Bliss Exhibition, Gardens by the Bay

Considering that my relationship with the laptop was getting rather heated, and YouTube was probably judging me, I looked up at the cool cloudy sky, nudged my inner couch potato, mustered whatever shreds of determination I had left and managed, valiantly, to get my posterior off the sofa. Although the Blossom Bliss exhibition at the Gardens by the Bay had only just opened the day before and I wasn’t too hopeful that the flowers would be, I figured that going earlier would probably help me avoid the crowds- quite a good idea if you’re not too keen on playing human Tetris.

flower dome

Not too crowded at all

Turns out the entrance fee to the Flower Dome is discounted with various memberships, although the discounts don’t stack (hey it was worth a try asking). After confirming that there’s no time limit within the dome (hey it was a valid question), I made my way in. True enough, the branches of the cherry trees- more diminutive than I’d expected- were generally covered with tight little buds, blushed a bright pink.

cherry blossom buds

Blushing bud buddies

But there were some early blossoms, at various stages of blooming. The freshest ones, like just-eclosed butterflies, were somewhat wrinkly, with fuzzy sepals.


New blossoms, still fuzzy

A couple of them had blossomed really nicely, and obviously were much fancied by photographers. I joined the fray- many were a pale pink, which I personally like.

cherry blossoms

Powder pink cherry blossoms

Some were a darker shade, with multiple layers of petals.

dark pink cherry blosssom

Dark pink cherry blossom

Some were a little too high up for me to reach, but formed a very pretty awning.

cherry blossoms with leaves

Had to use the zoom

I regret one thing: that I didn’t take photographs of the labels, which would have allowed me to give accurate descriptions of each species of cherry blossom. I’ve also learnt whilst racking my brain later that no, I don’t have a photographic memory.

That aside, it was a lovely trip. It really helped that the Flower Dome was cooled, which could otherwise have been quite intolerable for both us and the trees in Singapore’s heat. Now, I just have one question part of me doesn’t dare to ask: what happens to the trees after the exhibition- will they fall prey to horticultural euthanasia?!

cherry blossoms background

Be nice to us please?

For now, I shall leave the question unanswered. I’ve no affiliation with NParks Singapore or the Gardens, but for those interested, the exhibition runs till 24 March, 9am to 9pm each day.


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