Garden City Lights

Living in a city, it’s sometimes hard to find peace and serenity till late at night, when all’s quiet, and roads are studded with bright streetlamps nestled amongst the trees and buildings adorned with the twinkling lights of the sleepless. No mountains or lakes or natural wonders to speak of here, but our nights can be very pretty.


Arched over bustling nightlife trees hold their heads up high, proudly, with stars right in the middle of the city, threaded ever so imperceptibly, dripping from the branches.


And at the edge of oases, splashes of colour dance off ripples as neon rainbows spill onto the water.


Once in a while, at Christmas, the garden sparkles, draped with cascades of lights and dotted with gnomes in the undergrowth; bright eyes and shiny red caps and snowy white beards. Lights like dancing fireflies, silver and gold hidden behind the leaves, making everything dreamy and magical, as lights are wont to do.



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